Black History -- A Personal Note

Last updated: 2/12/12
This being Black History Month, here's a personal addition to the record.

Fight or Flight (revised)

Last updated: 1/27/12
The Greatest and Second Greatest Generations
As a black American, I am especially mindful of a group of pioneers, the successive generations of courageous black activists who pushed the frontiers of freedom in wave after wave, beginning with their emancipation. Whereas some have argued that the "Greatest Generation" of (mostly white) Americans were the brave soldiers and sailors who fought against tyrannical enemies in World War II, I have long believed that the "Greatest Generation" of black Americans were the ex-slaves who lifted themselves and their children up from mass ignorance into mass literacy in the decades following the Civil War.

The White Man's Trick Bag

This note was published as an op ed by "Inside Higher Education" on Tuesday, 10/18/11.